How to Play Anachrony

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Anachrony How to play

In this video you can learn how to play Anachrony by Mindclash Games. For an example play through please follow the below link:- For my review on the game please follow the below link:- Toucan Play that Game is proudly sponsored by home of rare and unusual Asian games. Please subscribe to the channel: Please like the Facebook page: Please follow on Twitter: Merchandise is available at Music Credit: AcousticRock by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

Anachrony Gameplay Runthrough

A video outlining gameplay for the boardgame Anachrony. For more game info, KS Page: Part I: Gameplay Runthrough (Static) Part II: Extended Gameplay (Static) Part III: Final Thoughts -------------- Hey Everybody! Today Paulo Runs Through "Rahdo's Goofs" If you find Goofs I didn’t notice Please leave Timestamps :) Thank You 15:45 That building lets you retrieve one of your Warp tiles from any timeline tile rather than losing a Paradox (though there is a building for that, too), so she could use that Building in this round for it's effect 19:16 he meant additional Uranium

Anachrony - How to Play Solo (Part 1) - Vs. Chronobot

vectordream is a channel and series designed to teach, play and review games. In this episode I will be teaching you how to play Anachrony solo vs. the Chronobot A.I. player. I will run you through everything from setup, actions board spaces and gameplay. I appreciate your subs and comments! Stay tuned for the next episode where I talk about how the Chronobot takes actions and Era 1 of gameplay! Twitter: @vectordream INDEX: 00:00 - Story 02:10 - Main Board Setup 05:56 - Player Board Setup 09:56 - Chronobot Setup 11:29 - Game Phase Overview Start 12:14 - Phase 1 - Preparation 13:20 - Phase 2 - Paradox 14:14 - Phase 3 - Power Up 15:02 - Phase 4 - Warp 15:26 - Phase 5 - Action Rounds 16:10 - Phase 6 - Clean up 16:42 - Main Board Action Spaces Start 17:05 - Purify Water Action 17:27 - Trade with Nomads Action 18:17 - Capital Actions Start 18:21 - Research Capital Action 19:23 - Recruit Worker Capital Action 20:20 - Construct Capital Actions 20:50 - Building Costs 22:40 - World Council Action Spaces 23:41 - Mine Resource Action 24:17 - Genius Worker Explained 25:25 - Player Board Action Spaces 25:49 - Force Worker Action 27:30 - Supply Worker Action 28:04 - Time Travel Action 30:55 - Remove Anomaly Action 32:11 - Additional Actions 32:35 - After Asteroid Impact 36:25 - Future Episodes Plan Youtube Library Music Credit: It is Lost Track: It Is Lost by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

Anachrony in about 3 Minutes

A brief rundown of Anachrony by Dávid Turczi Publisher Mindclash Games For more information on the game go to To support us on Patreon please head over here And, if you just want to buy us a coffee for a good job, pop over here "Martian Cowboy" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Sound effects from

Anachrony - Playthrough

A full 2 player game of Anachrony First Impressions: Twitter: @slicker_drips Find out more about Anachrony here:

This video will explain the backstory/theme of Anachrony, how to set up the main board and player boards, how each era/round will work, the possible actions that can be taken by each player, changes to gameplay that occur after "Impact," and endgame scoring. It is meant as an instructional/learning tool only, and not as an effective method of gameplay.


2:43 - Setup
5:20 - The Era Phases
6:51 - The Player Board & Leader Card
10:47 - The Main Board
14:10 - The First Round
23:19 - After Impact: The Fifth Round
35:52 - Final Round End/Untangling the Continuum
36:48 - Endgame Scoring

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