The Chainsaw Skateboard

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The Chainsaw Skateboard: PART 2

We have made one and a bit more revolutions around the sun since our initial failed endeavors to make a chainsaw powered skateboard. And we have, as the earth went round, revolutionized our creation. Welcome to the chainsaw skateboard part 2, a two hour a day, 3 day effort to bring you your long awaited remedy for frustration. Some may see the success of this second edition debatable, which is an encouraged topic of discussion as we present this video. we hope you enjoy or belated efforts! -Bobby and Tony

How To Make A Electric Scooter At Home

Homemade - DIY - How To Make A Electric Scooter At Home Parts: + 24v 500w Motor : + 24V 500W Speed Controller & Throttle Twist Grips : + Sprocket Chain : + 2*Battery 12volt + Steel Box Section 20x40mm + Plate Steel Sheet 1,5mm + 2*250mm Wheel

Amazing Homemade Inventions 2018 | Amazing Handmade Inventions At Home - 2018

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BRAIN TIME ► 1. SEEV-800 2. kubo 3. Row Bike 4. ArcaBoard 5. Hydrofoiler XE-1 6. Jetfoiler 7. LEAOS Carbon 8. Eagle E1 9. VELLO BIKE 10. TRACK1

What happens when you mix a free weekend, my friend Bobby, an idea, some steel, and a skateboard. the results almost always prove to be staggeringly almost the greatest thing ever. As well as ranging from slightly to very ill-advised. I'll give this one a ever-so-slightly-sketchy on the ill-advisory meter. (it's 12 minutes and 17 seconds of something you probably don't need to see, but a 12 minutes and 17 seconds that might clue you into the character of two not so average very young adults being not bored)

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