What Happens if you Drive on a Flat Tire

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Puncture demo in cars and vans

Stops punctures in their tracks! Install TYRE ARMOUR® in your tyres, the only preventative and repair sealant with certified efficiency.

Cool Airless Tires MICHELIN for Loaders in action Comparison test

Cool Airless Radial Tires MICHELIN for Loaders in action Comparison test. Non pneumatic tires. Website (www.michelintweel.com)

What Happens if you Drive on a Flat Tire Part 2

A POV video of what balancing tires with a tire balancer look like and how it's done.

Screw Puncture Flat Tire Plug Fix on Side Of The Road

Driving on the highway I heard a strange noise at the left rear tire so I got out and found a screw lodged in the tire. I repaired the flat without taking off the tire. Fix screw punctures with a tire rubber plug kit. You can find a Tire Repair Plug Kit at Amazon (affiliate link): http://amzn.to/2ybNCFB Good thing there was ample room on the side of the road for me to do the repair. I didn't have to jack up the car. Plugged the hole right then and there. The heavy duty brown rubber strings are stronger and repair better than the black strings. The rubber plug strings are ideal for tubeless tires of cars, motorcycles, ATVs, tractors, lawn mowers, and trucks. Tire maintenance for motor vehicles is based on several factors. The chief reason for tire replacement is friction from moving contact with road surfaces, causing the tread on the outer perimeter of tires to eventually wear away. When the tread depth becomes too shallow, the tire is worn out and should be replaced. The same wheels can usually be used throughout the lifetime of the car. Other problems encountered in tire maintenance include: Uneven or accelerated tire wear can be caused by under inflation, overloading or poor wheel alignment. Increased tread wear on only one side of a tire: often a sign of poor wheel alignment. Tread worn away completely: especially when the wear on the outer rubber exposes the reinforcing threads within, the tire is said to be bald and must be replaced as soon as possible. Sometimes tires with worn tread are recapped, a new layer of rubber with grooves is bonded onto the outer perimeter of a worn tire. Since this bonding may occasionally come loose, new tires are considered superior to recapped ones. This tire has been punctured by a screw. Sometimes a pneumatic tire gets a hole or a leak through which the air inside leaks out resulting in a flat tire, a condition which must be fixed before the car can be driven safely.

How To Change a Flat Tire

A 3D video demonstration of a basic flat tire change procedure. The details may vary depending on your vehicle, so always consult your vehicle's manual before attempting to change a flat tire. Americas Drivers Ed - Teen Driver Education

Amazingly, the only things damaged on the car were the wheels, tires, and hubcaps. Honda Tough!!!

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