Kevin's Top 10 Board Games of All Time

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Melissa's Top 10 Favorite Board Games

Melissa unveils her favorite board games. Which ones are your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

5 BEST Modern Board Games

Wet days at the cottage are always a great time to break out some board games and organize a family round-robin. While classics like Monopoly and Scrabble are guaranteed fun, a recent resurgence in board game enthusiasm means there are many new options to try out. You can choose from cooperative, team-building games—perfect for family get-togethers—to much more competitive ones, which are great for a rowdy night with friends. Just remember to read the instructions before you get started! Subscribe to Cottage Life on YouTube: DIY projects, design tips, recipes and more: Twitter: Facebook: Pinterest:

Top 5 Starter Board Games

One of the biggest questions that a burgeoning board gamer has to deal with is figuring out where to start. Not everyone can go to a meetup at the FLGS to try out a few dozen games before starting up their own collection. Or have a friend/family member with a bunch of games. Hobby gaming is expensive, diverse, and fairly complex. Here, I go over my personal reccomendations for good starter board games - readily available/inexpensive, pretty easy to play, and a lot of "foot in the door" type of gameplay for different, more complex games down the line. As always, let me know what you think in the comments below!! Honorable Mention - Number 5 - Number 4 - Number 3 - Number 2 - Number 1 - Be sure to follow me on Twitter ( and Twitch ( for notifications of new videos and livestreaming games! I'm on Facebook now, as well! Check out my page at

Top 10 most popular board games: January 2018

Counting down the most popular board games each month to help you find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about! Hopefully, January 2018's list of the top 10 best board games helps you find some new board games you may not have known about! Help fund Pair Of Dice Paradise's 5th year, and get Pair Of Dice Paradise merchandise at: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Board game component upgrades sponsored in part by: More board game component upgrades Chaz recommends: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - More Pair Of Dice Paradise on the web: Homepage: YouTube page: Facebook page: Twitter: Google+ page: Instagram page: BoardGameGeek Guild: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Games discussed this month include: FALLOUT: THE BOARD GAME This month’s biggest climber is the game catapulted its way up from spot #44 last month, Fallout, which ends this month in spot number three. In Fallout, based on the popular video game series of the same name, one to four players embark on a post-nuclear apocalyptic adventure. Each Fallout scenario is inspired by a familiar story from the video game mythos. Survivors begin the game on the edge of an unexplored landscape, with just one objective to guide. From there, they explore the hidden map, fight ferocious enemies, and hone their survival skills as they attempt to complete challenging quests and find balance among feuding factions within the game. Have you played both the Fallout board game and video games? If so, in the comments, let me know which version you prefer, and why. OTYS Otys takes place in the mid-22nd century, where all available land has been engulfed in by the rising seas. The survivors must now fight for their lives while struggling to remain above sea level. Players are members of a colony called Otys, and they must retrieve the the debris of past civilizations from the depths of the sea in order to build a foundation solid enough to support the future of humanity. Otys was released in November, 2017. CHARTERSTONE Charterstone is a competitive legacy game, in which players construct buildings and populate their sector of a shared village. As with most legacy-style games, stickers are used to make permanent additions to the game board and rule book, allowing the game to evolve and grow over the course of a dozen or so game sessions. Since Charterstone is a legacy game, I don’t want to say too much about it and risk giving away spoilers. However, I will say that, as a fan of legacy-style games to begin with, I was looking forward to Charterstone’s arrival for a long time. And, having now played through about a third of its campaign, it has not disappointed. If you’re curious about what legacy games can have to offer, I recommend giving Charterstone a try. UBOOT: THE BOARD GAME UBOOT: The Board Game is a fully cooperative, real-time tabletop game of WW2 submarine warfare, in which 1 to 4 players assume the roles of the Captain, the First Officer, the Navigator, and the Chief Engineer on board of a U-boat. The game is driven by a companion app, allowing for a heightened level of realism, as well as an enemy controlled by A.I. The game claims to require demanding teamwork, efficient crew management, and quick situation assessment in order for the players to emerge victorious. UBOOT: The Board Game reaches spot #31 overall this month. Will it continue to rise, or sink back down into the countdown’s depths? I’m sure we’ll find out as the game gets closer to its expected October release. CAT LADY In Cat Lady, players are cat ladies, part of an elite group of people including Marie Antoinette and Ernest Hemingway. During the game, players draft cards and collect toys, food, catnip, costumes, and of course lovable cats. But watch out! Neglecting to keep enough food on hand for all of the hungry cats popularing the play area will cause penalties. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - All the games in the January 2018 Top 10 board games countdown are: 10. Arkham Horror: The Card Game (and #118 - Cat Lady) 9. The 7th Continent (and #100 - Dogs Of War) 8. Scythe (and #92 - LCR) 7. Gaia Project 6. Kingdom Death: Monster 5. Terraforming Mars (and #31 - UBOOT: The Board Game) 4. Azul (and #80 - Otys) 3. Fallout 2. Charterstone 1. Gloomhaven (and #77 - Smile)

Top 10 Essential Games Everyone Should Own!

Tom Vasel, Sam Healey, and Zee Garcia share their picks for essential games everyone should own. Buy great games at Find more reviews and videos at BGG Link:

Kevin shares his Top Ten favorite board games!
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10 - Dominion
9 - Lords of Waterdeep
8 - Ticket to Ride (especially Europe)
7 - Imperial Settlers
6 - Power Grid
5 - Codenames
4 - TIME Stories
3 - Agricola
2 - Kingsburg
1 - Lewis and Clark

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