BGA Episode 155 - Top 10 Deck Building Games

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Top 5 Deck Builders

For not really liking the mechanic, Tommy sure came up with a pretty good list. What are your favorite deck builders? These great games and many more are available at the Lehi Game Grid -

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Fundamentals of Deckbuilding

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Episode 184 - 5 Years and Counting!

Wait, what? Five years already? Dang, time flies.  That's what this episode is all about as we take a look back at the last year of the podcast with our favorites from 2017-18, but also at the last five years and what we've been able to accomplish in that time. Join us for four new reviews, a bevy of good games we're excited to play soon, and some of our favorite stuff from recent episodes.  To kick things off, we asked the listeners our question of the week, "What already published Kickstarted game would you like to see have a NEW Kickstarter campaign with reprints, expansions, and new content?" Next up, for our acquisition disorders, we looked at a pair of upcoming Essen releases, starting with Anthony's interest in Cuzco, a new spin on the Mask Trilogy classic - Java. Chris then looks at Caverna: The Forgotten Folk, the new races and player powers coming to Caverna this fall.  For our At The Table reviews this week, we have four games, including Swordcrafters and Rise of Tribes from Anthony and Mastery of the Galaxy and Trickerion from Chris.  Finally, we look at our favorite stuff from the last year, including our top acquisition disorders, at the table reviews, and features from the last 50 episodes.  Question of the Week: 12:00 Acquisition Disorders: 15:56 Swordcrafters Review: 21:25 Rise of Tribes Review: 28:24 Master of the Galaxy Review: 34:44 Trickerion Review: 42:42 Top Acquisition Disorders from Year 5: 50:42 Top At The Table Reviews from Year 5: 58:40 Top Features from Year 5: 1:04:14 If you haven’t yet, be sure to connect with us on Facebook (, Twitter (, and on our website ( You can support the show as well by donating on Patreon (, or using our Amazon affiliate link.  

This week's episode is sponsored by Academy Games, whose new game, Agents of Mayhem: Pride of Babylon is on Kickstarter now. 

We also want to thank all of our new Patreon backers this week: Finn, Eric, Barry, Suppiluliuma, and Jim.

This week, we have an all new Top 10 list, featuring the best deck building games out there. 

First up, Chris and Anthony dive into our question of the week, looking at your answers to the question, "what game or designer would you attend a dedicated convention for?"

For our acquisition disorders, we look at Teotihuacan: City of Gods from one of the designer of the Voyages of Marco Polo and Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar, as well as Coimbra. 

In our At the Table segment, we review Pulsar 2849 and Antiquity - find out which of these is worth tracking down. 

And finally, in our feature this week, we look at the top 10 deck builders:

Question of the Week: 4:50​​ Acquisition Disorders: 7:25 Pulsar 2849 Review: 13:21 Antiquity Review: 19:22 Top 10 Deck Builders: 28:20 If you haven’t yet, be sure to connect with us on Facebook (, Twitter (, and on our website ( You can support the show as well by donating on Patreon (, or using our Amazon affiliate link.

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