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Allison Coe on The Event & New Earth

Allison Coe joins Dan Hohlfeld via Skype to talk in great detail about the coming "Event" and "New Earth"! Allison's Website► The Event► Missing Person► Wheat Grass► FOR MORE VISIT US AT► FACEBOOK► ► Camera Used◄ ○ Panasonic HC-VX981 on Amazon (affiliate link):

QHHT Session – Trump, Ascension, And The New Earth

The Event Is Coming Soon - QHHT Session – Trump, Ascension, And The New Earth I was very much looking forward to this client’s session, she had made it quite clear that she does not like vague or cryptic answers, does not like to have to guess at the meaning. The reason she is asking the questions is because she REALLY wants answers and she is not willing to accept anything less. This is a girl after my own heart! and yes the session did indeed bring forth much information and healing for this client. It also brought forth some interesting information about Trump and his part in the long awaited ascension. I want to note that I’ve never read or heard anything about the ascension coming in 2001- have any of you reading this heard that? As with all information of this nature it is important to understand that we are constantly changing our reality with the decisions we make. This ascension thing is a slippery fish, what was true yesterday may no longer be true now, in fact there are some who believe it has already happened. Our sister channel - Event Is Coming Soon To Your Health Body and Spirit ----------------------------------------------------------- MAKE DONATIONS HERE ----------------------------------------------------------- Source: Please visit our Playlist for additional intel: The Event Intel Disclosure Politics Newest Videos The Event Is Coming Soon SUPPORT US USING OUR LINKS! -----------------------------------------------------

What is The Event?

The Event By Rob Potter

HUGE WAVE & Shadow Bans - In5D FB Live w/ Gregg Prescott Ep. #21

In5D Patreon: Get your name listed on our "Wall of Gratitude" In5D's Gregg Prescott talks about a recent HUGE wave of energy that came though, along with anchoring yourself into 5D Earth, and envisioning the things YOU want to see there! SUBSCRIBE to In5D on social media! Facebook: (SELECT FOLLOWING ... SEE FIRST) OnStellar: MeWe: Informed Planet: Steemit: Twitter: Minds: Gab:

The Event Dreams, are you having them?

I would like to state that my dream did not show anyone getting on space ships. I have known since 2007 from the Native Americans we are not to get on those ships no matter what. Like I said, we all need to discern all the information coming in now and where it could be coming from. Have you been contacted about the Event in your dreams? I have had many and am finally getting brave enough to share them. My dream last night (3-3-2018 and I woke up at 3am, interesting hey) spoke about the great gathering or reunion for us. Always use your own discernment when listening. Thank You. I am also a fantasy/paranormal writer writing about The Great Shift, Agartha, Lemuria, The GOddess, dragons etc.

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