Board Games coming to Kickstarter March 2017

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Kevin's Top 10 Board Games of All Time

Kevin shares his Top Ten favorite board games! Check out our campaign - 10 - Dominion 9 - Lords of Waterdeep 8 - Ticket to Ride (especially Europe) 7 - Imperial Settlers 6 - Power Grid 5 - Codenames 4 - TIME Stories 3 - Agricola 2 - Kingsburg 1 - Lewis and Clark

How It's Made: Board Games at a Chinese Factory

Ever wondered how board games are made? Watch as Smash Up, Love Letter, Dead Man's Draw, Spyfall and more are made! This factory is about 75 minutes from our home in Suzhou China. If you would like a quote from the factory please email to and I would be happy to put you in contact with them. May 14, 2016

Board Games coming to Kickstarter in May 2017

Kevin shares a bunch of games launching on Kickstarter in May, 2017. Ones we've recently found out about (after we posted the video) - Manhattan Project 2: Minutes to Midnight - La Boîte de Jeu's upcoming game Clash of Rage, an area control game, coming 17th May Rage of the Trolls (expansion to Gruff) - May 30 Founders of Gloomhaven - maybe (depends on current Gloomhaven KS) - Clash of Rage - Rise of the Necromancers - Orcs Must Die! 2 Kickstarter that'll be coming from Petersen Games. Here's a link to the first one: The "Orcs Must Die! The Board Game: Level 2" Kickstarter will introduce new heroes and minions and bosses from the video game, but also introduce a new feature: Guardians. Games listed in this video - Clans of Caledonia - Barbarians: The Invasion - Extraordinary! Superhero Card Game - Badlands - Outpost of Humanity - Alone - Metalfest - Code Triage - Heroes of Land, Air, Sea - Underleague - Skyways - Archmage Origins - Path of Light and Shadow - Daimyo's Fall - Sailing Toward Osiris - Tournament of Towers - Carthage - H.E.A.D. Hunters - Dwarven Smithy - Roll Player: Monsters & Minions - ElemenZ - Zombicide Green Horde - Cerebria - Ravage - There She is!! The tabletop game - Lord of Hellas - Galactic Warlords - Inspiration - ?? Kitchen Rush by Artipia games - Sine Tempore- Carcosa - Arena: The Contest - Monstrous: Release the Kraken - Titan Dice -

Rising Sun Kickstarter Preview Trailer

Rising Sun is a board game for 3 to 5 players set in legendary feudal Japan. As the Kami descend from the heavens to reshape the land in their image, it is up to each player to lead their clan to victory. Use politics to further your cause, negotiate to seek the most profitable alliances, worship the Kami to gain their favor, recruit monsters out of legend to bolster your forces, and use your resources wisely to be victorious in battle. Kickstarter begins March 7, 3pm EST! Learn more here: Visit CMON's official site: Like CMON on Facebook: Follow CMON on Twitter: Follow CMON on Instagram:

Small World: Wil Wheaton, Jenna Busch, Grant Imahara, Sean Plott. TableTop, Episode 1

Want to play Small World with your friends at home? Visit your friendly local game store to purchase it! Or buy it online at: Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: Join our community at: Buy the official TableTop mug! More Geek & Sundry merchandise available at CLICK "SHOW MORE" FOR CREDITS AND MORE INFO! Wil Wheaton and guests, Sean Plott (host of "Day9TV", a Starcraft II dedicated webcast on how to be a better gamer), Grant Imahara (host of Discovery Channel's "Mythbusters"), and Jenna Busch (geek blogger, writer and host) play Small World! Follow our guests on Twitter! Sean Plott (@day9tv) Grant Imahara (@grantimahara) Jenna Busch (@JennaBusch) We want your feedback! Email us at Created By: WIL WHEATON & FELICIA DAY Executive Producer: WIL WHEATON Executive Producer: FELICIA DAY Executive Producer: KIM EVEY Executive Producer: SHERI BRYANT Producer: ADAM LAWSON Associate Producer: BOYAN RADAKOVICH Director: JENNIFER ARNOLD Guests: JENNA BUSCH GRANT IMAHARA SEAN PLOTT First Assistant Director: ADAM LAWSON Script Supervisor: RICH MALLERY Director of Photography: GAVIN KELLY Camera Operators: JESSE FELDMEN FRIDA MARZOUK JUSTIN SAFAEI Media Manager: RANDY SIFT Chief Lighting: JUILEN JANIGO Lighting Technicians: TEAM BASHETT JERRY WHITE Key Grip: TEAM BASHETT Production Designer: NATHAN MORSE Art Director: NICK CARMICHAEL Set Decorator: EDWIN HERNANDEZ Sound Mixer: MICHAEL SUJEK Sound Utility: JONATHAN HONG Stills: VIKKI ROBINSON ALYSSA SCHNEIDER SARAH JEAN KRUCHOWSKI Makeup: ALEXIS WILLIAMS Catering: FOOD FETISH Production Coordinators: MARIANNE WUNCH LINDSEY KOENS Production Assistants: BRIT WEISMAN COLIN SHERMAN Special thanks to DAYS OF WONDER for their generous support and for making great games that brighten our lives! Special Thanks: ROBERT GIFFORD & GEEK CHIC IVANA KIRKBRIDE and Team YouTube GRANT KIMURA J!NX JAMIE FELDMAN and JEFF SPRINGER GEORGE RUIZ Games Provided by: DAYS OF WONDER Cameras Provided by: ABBEY HD Monitors Provided by: WEXLER VIDEO Production Equipment Provided by: ATOMIC PRODUCTION SUPPLIES Electric Provided by: HOLLYWOOD RENTALS Walkies Provided by: ADAM ANDERSON Trucks Provided by: AVON Game Table Provided by: GEEK CHIC Locations Provided by: AMERICAN FILM NETWORK Roller Pods//P2 Provided by: BIRNS AND SAWYER Filmed on Location in: LOS ANGELES, CA

Kevin shares a bunch of games launching on Kickstarter in March, 2017. Feel free to email if you have a game launching on Kickstarter!

List of Board Games launching in March, 2017 -
Tribes: Early Civilization -
Wizard's WARdrobe -
Get Off My Land! -
Rolling Empires -
Rising Sun -
Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game -
Dragoon Expansion -
Antidote: Lab Alliance -
Baseball Highlights: 2045 Spring Training -
Grimm Forest -
SIGIL: Powers of War -
Infected -
King's Champion -
Burning Rome -
Clustered - ?
Ladder 29 -
City of Kings -

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