Digital soldering station repair (noisy transformer)

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DIY Digital Soldering Station: Parts Needed For Build

Blog post with circuit diagram and step by step instructions:

Aoyue 968 Hot Air Unit Repair

This video is about a Aoyue 968 Hot Air Unit Repair My Soldering station broke down and made quite a show of doing it. There were sparks from the hot air port, and smoke from the main unit. Fortunately the fix is really simple, new heater and a new fuse resistor. (good that the thing has one) After fixing it I have a lot more fluctuation on the hot air temps, and way more overshoot when it's heating up.

Induction Solder Mini Transformer

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Professional SMT Soldering: Hand Soldering Techniques - Part 2: Surface Mount Lead-free

Multi-lead hand soldering techniques lead-free SAC 305. Surface mount flat packs. IPC Class 3. John Gammell, Certified IPC Trainer, Certified Aerospace Instructor. Toll Free 1-800-903-5309 Minneapolis / St. Paul 612-205-8609

ATTEN AT80D Soldering Station: Fixing the Temperature Problem & Reverse-Engineering

Roger explains how to reverse-engineer the ATTEN AT80D solder-station, how the analog circuitry works and how finally to fix the problem with the falsely displayed temperatures. The ATTEN AT80D soldering station has a severe problem with the displayed temperature vs. the measured temperature at the solder-tip. Demonstrated in this video: This is because the temperature is measured at the heater-element and not at (or at least near) the solder-tip. So there is a big temeprature-differential due to the thermal resistance between the heater-element and the solder-tip. It could have been easily fixed in software or with the change of a single resistor in the hardware by ATTEN. Furthermore the contact-area between the heater-element and the solder-tip is very small. Thus the thermal-resistance is big and the control-loop for the temperature is not very stable with a big time-lag from switching the heater-element on until the heat has finally reached the solder tip. Download-Link for Schematics & Pictures:!AmW9-q-1GZM1g_YzAfAC5cSTP58FAg

when carrying out any repairs to an electrical item, ALWAYS unplug the item from the mains, and leave for 10-15 minutes before opening.
there may be dangerous voltages inside even after unplugging.

link for the soldering station.


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