Digital soldering station repair (noisy transformer)

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Safety Checkout of a 858D Hot Air Rework Station

I bought a cheap hot air rework station off eBay. It's a typical "858D" unit made popular by Atten, WEP, YOUYUE, ZENY, and a dozen other brands. However, the one I got is completely unbranded and I didn't trust its construction. Good thing I tore it apart! This is the unit I purchased:

How to fix the Weller WESD51 flashing 888 error

Here's how to fix the Weller WESD51 with a flashing 888 error. This may apply to other irons that do not heat, but test successfully through the troubleshooting procedures. Find the microcontroller voltage regulator and the decoupling capacitor, replace the capacitor with one of a slightly higher capacity and see if the problem is fixed. Tools needed: -soldering iron -hot air rework station (optional) -small (1/8") standard/flat-head screwdriver -#0 Phillips screwdriver -#1 Phillips screwdriver Digikey part number: PCE5017CT-ND Source I found that helped:

ATTEN AT80D Soldering Station: Fixing the Temperature Problem & Reverse-Engineering

Roger explains how to reverse-engineer the ATTEN AT80D solder-station, how the analog circuitry works and how finally to fix the problem with the falsely displayed temperatures. The ATTEN AT80D soldering station has a severe problem with the displayed temperature vs. the measured temperature at the solder-tip. Demonstrated in this video: This is because the temperature is measured at the heater-element and not at (or at least near) the solder-tip. So there is a big temeprature-differential due to the thermal resistance between the heater-element and the solder-tip. It could have been easily fixed in software or with the change of a single resistor in the hardware by ATTEN. Furthermore the contact-area between the heater-element and the solder-tip is very small. Thus the thermal-resistance is big and the control-loop for the temperature is not very stable with a big time-lag from switching the heater-element on until the heat has finally reached the solder tip. Download-Link for Schematics & Pictures:!AmW9-q-1GZM1g_YzAfAC5cSTP58FAg

how to repair transformer winding/repair mini transformer

how to repair transformer winding repair mini transformer In the good old times it was a matter of fact that every electronic hobbyist or technician would wind himself any power transformers he needed, and rewind any that burned out. Unfortunately, nowadays transformer winding is fast becoming a lost art, and I have seen many people despair about where to find some very specific transformer, or pull their hair out about the cost of having one professionally wound to specifications. Since I started in electronics, as a 12 year old boy, I have always wound my own transformers. I started using the basic, but useful instructions provided in The Radio Amateur's Handbook of the time, and later I came to better understand how transformers work, which enabled me to optimize a given transformer for the intended application.

Voltlog #87 - Assembling The T12 Soldering Station Kit

Today I am building this T12 Hakko compatible soldering iron kit. All the parts we’re sent to me by for free. T12 Soldering Station Kit Soldering Station Aluminium Enclosure Soldering Iron Stand Soldering Station 24V 4A Power Supply T12 Soldering Iron Tip Various Types Drill and wiring diagram Blog post

when carrying out any repairs to an electrical item, ALWAYS unplug the item from the mains, and leave for 10-15 minutes before opening.
there may be dangerous voltages inside even after unplugging.

link for the soldering station.


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