ENGN Preview Series 19 - Tiny Epic Zombies w/ Scott Almes and Michael Coe

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Tiny Epic Zombies - Full Playthrough (Team vs One)

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We Didn't Start the Fire Board Game Karaoke

A parody karaoke song presenting the history of board games from 3000 BC to the present. Did I include your favorite game? Let me know if I missed any games in the comments! Song based on "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel. Contact: Jason, https://twitter.com/engn_podcast. Listen to ENGN on http://www.boardgamersanonymous.com

Unboxing #32 - Tiny Epic Quest

Join Andy as he tackles goblins, picks mushrooms and rides, walks & sails his way around an unboxing of Tiny Epic Quest by Gamelyn Games.

ENGN Episode 73 - Solo Awards 2017 Part 2

Welcome to part two of our year end ENGN Solo Awards for 2017! We hope you enjoyed part one last episode. This time, we feature all of the core titles that made the biggest impact in the solo and cooperative communities throughout the year. And, just like last time, we have some illustrious guests from other channels to help us out. Best Short Game - presented by Travis from Low Player Count (2:00) - https://www.lowplayercount.com/ Best Family/ Casual Strategy Game - presented by Liz Davidson from Beyond Solitaire (5:52) - http://www.beyondsolitaire.net/index.html Best Advanced Card Game - presented by a mystery guest presenter (11:32) Best Adventure Game - presented by Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules (13:49) - http://gaming-rules.com/ Best Complex Strategy Game - presented by Anthony and Frances from Ant Lab Games (20:55) - http://antlabgames.com/ We also give our thoughts on the year as a whole right at the very end of the episode. Phew, we finally put a bow on 2017. Time to embrace 2018!

ENGN Preview Series Ep. 21 - Soul of the Empire with Pat and Kat Lysaght.

Have you checked out Kickstarter lately? Holy moly, there are so many good projects running right now! We are going to go on a mini-run of Preview Series episodes as a result. This week, we have the wife and husband team behind Chara Games here to talk about their latest project, Soul of the Empire, live on Kickstarter on the same day as the air date of this podcast. Soul of the Empire deviates from our usual solo and cooperative games menu - this is an area control, asymmetric, combat heavy game in the vein of Kemet or Cry Havoc. You guys know how much I love ANY game with juicy, tangible theme, though, so here you go! After we get to know Pat and Kat, we jump into talking about Soul of the Empire (7:30), including how it weaves historical flavor into the different factions, how it invites long term strategic thinking over a more tactical experience, and more. Also, if you wanted a copy of their first game, Commissioned, you could get it via the KS project, along with some bonuses that Pat tells us about in the episode!

Welcome back to our special Preview Series, the show where Kickstarter designers and project managers answer all of your questions about their projects. We hope you get everything you need to know so that you can make an informed decision about whether a KS project is worth your hard earned cash.

Today, we are happy to chat the publisher and designer of one of the most popular, family friendly projects currently on Kickstarter, which is Tiny Epic Zombies. Scott Almes and Michael Coe share their stories about the origin of TEZ, design goals, ITEMeeples, use (or perhaps overuse) of the zombie theme, and much more.

Also, as of this episode, Every Night is Game Night is now a part of the Dice Tower Network. We are very happy to share this episode with a new audience as an introduction to our content. Please check out our regular series of episodes as well, including our big Year End Award Show that will release this coming Friday, 2/2.

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