Best Game Trailers: Watch Dogs - Game Demo HD (E3 Version)

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Watch_Dogs - PS4 Gameplay Premiere [UK]

Visit the official Website: Join us on Facebook: Check out OPEN WORLD GAMEPLAY PREMIERE, the latest video from Watch_Dogs. Discover in this open world gameplay video one among many ways to hack the city of Chicago as Aiden Pearce in Watch_Dogs. In a world led by technology, hacking is our weapon!

GTA 5 All PC Cheat Codes - Command Codes

Here are all the cheat codes from GTA 5 on PC and how to activate them. Cheat codes: Flaming Bullets = INCENDIARY Explosive Melee Attack = HOTHANDS Give Parachute = SKYDIVE Moon Gravity = FLOATER Drunk Mode = LIQUOR Recharge Ability = POWERUP Slow Motion = SLOWMO Skyfall = SKYFALL BMX = BANDIT Comet = COMET PCJ-600 = ROCKET Sanchez Dirt Bike = OFFROAD Rapid GT = RAPIDGT Limo = VINEWOOD Trashmaster = TRASHED Buzzard Attack Helicopter = BUZZOFF Stunt Plane = BARNSTORM Slow Motion Aim = DEADEYE Invincibility = PAINKILLER Max Health And Armor = TURTLE Fast Run = CATCHME Raise Wanted Level = FUGITIVE Change Weather = MAKEITRAIN Slippery Cars Drifting = SNOWDAY Thanks for Watching! :)

Watch Dogs - E3 2012 vs PC Release (Ultra)

Take a look here :D All settings are on ultra ^^ E3 gameplay was recorded at 1280*720 so, i also recorded at 720p Pc Specs : I7 3770K 16go Ram MSI GTX780 Lightning Thanks for watching and share if you like my video :)

10 Best GRAPHICS of 2017 [4K Video]

2017 was a standout year for graphics on PC, PS4, and Xbox One thanks to upgraded 4K consoles and shiny new graphics cards. Here are our choices for the best looking games. Subscribe for more:

Best Game Trailers: Watch Dogs - Game Demo HD (E3 Version)
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