The Top 5 Short Solo Board Games

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Top 10 Solo Board Games

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Top 3 in 3 Minutes - Best Solo Games

Here are my picks for the best solo games out there! Want to support the channel? Here's how! -Visit our Pod Pledge page -Buy your Bored Cthulhu tshirt now at Geeky Goodies! -Like anything you see in this video? Purchase them here Mage Knight: Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition: Tavarua: Xia: Check out The Giveaway Geek for amazing free giveaways of board games and other great products! The BGG Guild - The Twitter - @BoardOffline Vote for us on Board Game Links! BGG - thebaker1983 Theme Music - Ice Crystals by Everet Almond If you have any questions, comments, or would like for your game to be featured in a future series of Bored Online? Board Offline! email us at:

Top 5 light solo games

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Differences: Space Base vs Valeria vs Machi Koro

Comparison and Differences between the Three games that share a lot of similar underpinnings.

Top 6 Solo "Board Games Everybody Should..."

This is not a top 100....or a top 10....but a top 6. Barry's top six sexy solo "Board Games Everybody Should..." Let's all countdown together, the games that are good at playing on your own, behind closed doors. Yes, I too am like a naughty little boy. Grabbing a chair. So I can reach the top shelf. Sliding off the copy on Monopoly. And running into my room. Shutting the door and playing on my own... ...Ah, memories :) Did you enjoy the musical interlude? Get more at To keep up to date with all the games I play (on my own) , you can go to my Facebook page

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