ENGN Episode 71 - Rory's Story Cubes w/ Rory O'Connor

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How to Play Untold: Adventures Await - OFFICIAL

Everything you need to know when it comes to setting up and playing the episodic storytelling game, Untold: Adventures Await! Released by The Creativity Hub in October 2017 following its successful Kickstarter campaign earlier in the year, Untold is powered by Rory's Story Cubes and puts players into the roles of heroes in a TV series of their own creation. Anything can happen as Adventures Await!

ENGN Episode 101 - GenCon Reviews, pt. 1: Dice and Card Games Under 30 Mintues

Holy GenCon reviews! This is the first of a multi-part series where we cover all of the fun stuff we played post-GenCon. There was a LOT of games and, to our surprise, much of it was pretty good! We won't keep all of these games on our shelves, but we can say that pretty much everything we talk about over the next few episodes will appeal to someone out there in our audience. This week, we chat about "filler" games. We do not mean that term pejoratively! These are games that might slide into anyone's collection and provide fun for families and gamers alike. Trainmaker (6:52) Railroad Ink (11:30) Istanbul: The Dice Game (17:27) Palm Island (24:53) Maiden's Quest (29:28) The Draugr (39:07)


We did it! Episode 100! The whole ENGN family has gathered - Anthony, Jason, and Liz. We chat about things we are thankful for, both with reference to the pod as well as to the larger world of board gaming. First, all three of us share some thoughts about an older game we are are very thankful for. These are three games that have permanent places in our collections, so we are happy to share about them with you - Nations (4:13), Space Alert (15:40), and Baseball Highlights 2045 (26:45). After that, we share some reflections about the last 100 episodes. We chat about noteworthy past episodes, favorite interviews and segments, and some life difficulties behind the mic that the pod has helped us overcome. If that wasn't enough, we also have some audio clips from past guests - gamers, content creators, and designers - who wanted to share things they are thankful about in the board gaming hobby. Thank you for joining us for 100 episodes. We're just hitting our groove. We hope you stick around for at least 100 more.

How to Play Untold: Adventures Await!

If you'd like to check out the fully updated How To Play video, using the final version of the game, please visit https://youtu.be/cJdvBnKmIvI ---------------------------- Our brand new storytelling game, Untold: Adventures Await is here! Michael gives you an in-depth rundown on how to play the game, all the way from setting up to the final, epic conclusion! Check out the game on Kickstarter from mid-May 2017!

Untold: Adventures Await - Playthrough Episode 1 - Beetles and Turtles and Sheep, Oh My!

Michael and Patrick play through a full episode of Untold: Adventures Await - the new storytelling game from The Creativity Hub! Join us as we build our world, create our characters and head out on an amazing journey in Ancient Be-gypt...

For this week's episode, we are extremely happy to bring you our interview with Rory O'Connor, lead designer for Rory's Story Cubes. We could only barely contain the story telling flair that Rory brought to the pod! Albert from the 1 Player Podcast has returned to ENGN to help us out with the interview, as well.

After a brief intro where we learn a bit about Rory as a gamer, we get into the history of the Cubes (6:50), particularly focusing on how he used them as a self-help tool and how they grew into a game and story telling engine that has sold 7 million copies worldwide. We then talk about other projects from Creativity Hub (35:50), including Untold: Adventures Await and Blank.

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