BGA Episode 156 - Best Games for Female Characterization

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This week, we're revisiting a classic episode (#85) and looking at games that do especially well in representing female characters. 

First up, we look at our question of the week. We asked the listeners what games thoroughly blew away their expectations, and share some of our own big surprises. 

Next up, we look at CO2, the revamped edition of the classic Vital Lacerda game, now on Kickstarter in our Acquisition Disorder for the week. 

For our At the Table reviews, Anthony looks at Rudiger Dorn's Montana, and Chris dives into a little game you may have heard of, Eric Lang's Rising Sun. 

Finally, Chris delves into the best games for female characterization in our feature review for the week. 

​Question of the Week: 3:19 Acquisition Disorder: 5:59 Montana Review: 10:03 Rising Sun Review: 17:40 Best Games for Female Characterization: 28:47 If you haven’t yet, be sure to connect with us on Facebook (, Twitter (, and on our website ( You can support the show as well by donating on Patreon (, or using our Amazon affiliate link.

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